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Springs and Padding

Once the frame is constructed, a spring system is installed to support the seating area.

The three main categories of springing are coil springs, no-sag or zigzag springs and elastic webbing.

When a piece of upholstered furniture has its frame and springs, the next components are the padding and cushions.

Traditionally materials such as horse hair, coconut fibre and cotton wadding and feather cushion inserts were used.

Coconut fibre, cotton wadding and feather cushions are still used today in traditional and antique furniture.

Modern furniture generally has polyurethane foam as padding and for the cushion inserts, and although there are some very cheap and poor quality foams used by some manufacturers, there are also very high quality foams available such as Dunlop Enduro or Luxura foam.

With the right combination of the different densities of these quality foam products it is possible to create comfortable, soft and luxurious yet supportive seating.

Dacron is used as an overlay to create a softer look and is really only for aesthetics rather than for comfort.

Dacron or poly fibre is often used for scatter cushion inserts or when mixed with feathers can make a very nice back cushion but wouldn’t be suitable for use in all seat cushions.

A mix of feathers and foam can be used to create cushions in two ways. You can have a foam core that is enveloped with feathers or you can have a cushion made from a mix of granulated foam and feathers. Both will create a soft luxurious cushion. Feather cushions do require plumping up regularly to keep their shape. If feather cushions are not plumped up regularly they will lose their look and comfort so a better alternative is to use a combination of different densities of foam and Dacron to create that same full plush look and feel of feathers without the maintenance.

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